Why Showit is the Best Platform for Interior Designers

October 17, 2019

As a brand designer, web designer, and theme creator, I have tried and tested many different website building platforms. There are SO MANY options available. Platforms like Squarespace, Wix, and Showit are tailored for DIY website building and allow you to create a pretty decent looking website in a short period of time. It’s kind of cool and crazy. But being able to create a website easily and quickly doesn’t necessarily mean it will serve your business the best long term. 

Why Showit is the best website platform for interior designers

Personally,  I strongly believe that the best website building platform for my clients is Showit. We’ve solely used WordPress for years, but once we tried Showit in conjunction with WordPress, we feel in love.

Since we believe in Showit so much and rave about its awesome customer service all the time, I’d like to share with you today why having a Showit website can convert your potential clients into buying customers. 

The Best Website Platform for Interior Designers

Top 3 reasons to use Showit 5:

1. No code necessary!

One of my favorite features of Showit is that you will never need to do any coding EVER. Say goodbye to those long nights where you’re madly searching for CSS on Google or trying different plugins to achieve the desired look you’re looking for. Can I get a hallelujah?!!!!

With Showit, you have full capacity and freedom to customize your site however you want with a click of a button. You can easily edit fonts, sizes, colors etc. There is literally nothing you can’t do. It is magical! 

One thing that sets Showit apart from other website platforms is its“Drag and Drop” feature and that allows you to have complete control over your website design and layout. What you see is what you get, and you can move, swap, drag, and drop elements without needing to use or understand even a single line of code. It is that easy!

With our clients, I go in and set up all their page designs and content. But, what sets this platform apart, is the ability for my clients to go in and quickly edit their portfolio images and wording. They can quickly update their pricing, availability, latest projects and any wording in less than five minutes. I show them how to do this in our training call. Gone are the days of downloading plugins, dragging the correct widget to the right widget area, and then opening up it up to edit it. It’s so much simpler with ShowIt!

Showit is perfect for everyone — you really do not need any design background in order to use it. Plus, Showit’s customer service is top-notch! I will explain this further in just a bit. 

2. Showit comes with an integrated WordPress hosting

WordPress is powerful when it comes to SEO. The platform has been around for a really long time and is supported by tons of resources to help customers get their website seen. This is one of the biggest reasons why people love WordPress, even though their websites are not always the most user-friendly or visually appealing. 

However, Showit totally changed the game when they first launched. Not only does Showit offer you a more user-friendly platform, but you also get powerful WordPress hosting (from WP Engine, the best in the industry!) and a WordPress blog under the same domain. You can design the look of your website and blog on Showit and then have your design be  automatically pushed to your WordPress website. Again, it is magical! 

To summarize, you can still have all the benefits of WordPress, but with a more user-friendly interface. You’ll have two logins – one for your Showit account to edit your page designs and one for your WordPress admin account to publish your blog posts. 

3. Amazing Customer Service

Gone are the days when you had burning questions or urgent situations you desperately needed help with, but no one to help you… because there isn’t support for WordPress! You would be redirected to a forum, Facebook group, plugin creator and then the circle would continue.

The Showit team is small, but mighty! They are so easy to reach via live chat or email and they respond in a timely manner. If you have any questions at all, simply reach out to them and they will walk you through the solution to your question. 

Oh, did I also mention that they also offer FREE content migration? The Showit team can help you transfer all your existing page content and blog posts from your old website to your new Showit site – including all your images. Their team is truly amazing and I definitely have taken full advantage of them myself whenever I run into any issues. We had a lot of content on our own site and years of customer data and they transferred everything without a single problem! This beats our issues we’ve had with BlueHost and GoDaddy.

So there you have it. Three reasons to use Showit to create a beautiful and effective website. If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me! Annnnd…don’t forget to sign up for our waitlist so that you are the FIRST to be notified when we have design openings. 

Talk soon, friend!