Design Package Add-On

June 21, 2018


Need a bit more of a refresh? Get a theme just like you see it in demo, just completely customized with your look and a fresh new header. Select our Design package for everything that comes in the Basic Install package, plus three new header concepts and two rounds of revisions.



Step One

Once you purchase, you will be sent a form to fill out. We’ll ask for all the information we need to get your design package done quickly!

Step Two

With your info in hand, we’ll get started on your design. We’ll go through 2 rounds of revisions and make sure the design is what you like.

Step 3

Once we’re done with design, we’ll install the design and theme on your domain, making sure to make any modifications like fonts and colors!

Step 4

We’ll hand back the reigns to you once you’ve signed off. Now you get a brand new look, practically over night! You’ll be set up to run with your site in your new digs.