Basic Installation Add-On

June 21, 2018


No judgement here if you’re not feeling particularly techy. It’s cool with us: Go ahead and choose your theme and we’ll install it for you, so every bit is set up and ready for you exactly as you see it in the demo.



Step One

Once you purchase, you will be sent a form to fill out. We’ll ask for all the information we need to get your installation done quickly!

Step Two

With your info in hand, we’ll get started on your installation. We’ll install the theme and configure the settings based on the feedback from your form.

Step 3

Once we’re done, we’ll send you an email confirming that the installation is complete, and so you can review!

Step 4

We’ll hand back the reigns to you once you’ve signed off. Now you get a brand new look, practically over night! You’ll be set up to run with your site in your new digs.


More Details

Do you have the perfect color swatch and Google fonts you’ve so judiciously selected for your brand or blog? With this package, we’ll tweak the fonts and colors to match the good thing you’ve already got going— right down to uploading your existing header logo and linking up your pre-existing social media accounts, taking it all of your plate, so you can go create.

This option is especially perfect if you’re just starting out and don’t have any content yet. But even if you do already have content, that’s not a problem! We’ll just get the theme up and running like it should.

And, it will be done in 24-48 business hours!