Sarah Swanson Website Design

July 15, 2019

Sarah, of Sarah Swanson Design, came to Bloom needing an updated and functional homepage and blog design that was simple, yet communicated her classic, understated vibe. Equally important was a design that encouraged click-throughs and tastefully displayed her affiliate links and personal shop. Through the use of classic typography and a minimal layout, we fleshed out her brand design. In addition, we also designed her graphics for her Etsy shop where she sells watercolor prints. By being very strategic on what and was not included in her design, we were able to achieve her beautiful vision for her site.

Design Tier: Custom Website & Collateral Design

“If you’re thinking about working with Bloom, don’t hesitate, they’ll make all your website dreams come true and bring your vision to life!
I truly can’t say enough about Kelsey, JT and Bloom. I’ve relied on this incredible team since 2015 to design my website/ blog and they always make sure my site is current, inviting, engaging, what viewers want to see, and seriously user friendly from my end. If I ever have any tech issues they are quick to help and solve, the support is incredible. If you’re thinking about working with them, don’t hesitate, they’ll make all your website dreams come true and bring your vision to life!”

Sarah, Sarah Swanson Design

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