House of Hawkes Website Design

July 15, 2019

Challenge: Kath, of House of Hawkes Design, wanted to updated and elevate her brand and give it a luxe, Pinterest-style look that matched her branding.

Our Approach: We designed a unique “Pinterest style” homepage that her readers really connect with. This encouraged easy scrolling and allows readers to quickly find the post they connect with. We added a category page that filters by category. We also displayed her beautiful social media feed which gives her readers an instant connection and view of her aesthetic. We eliminated the sidebar on her homepage which allows all attention to be given to her content, but enabled her sidebar on her individual blog post pages so her readers still have access to necessary sidebar information.

Design Tier: Custom Website Design

“Kelsey, thank you again for being so patient with all my changes – I really am so grateful to you.”

Kath, House of Hawkes Design

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