City Farmhouse Website & Ecommerce Design

July 15, 2019

Jen, of City Farmhouse Design, came to Bloom needing an updated website for her interior design business as well as a new e-commerce shop built out for her new business venture. Her current website was not showcasing the quality of work she was producing and it took a long time to scroll through her content.

With a homepage that immediately showcases her work and intentionally directs her readers where to go, we were able to up-level her brand and work. Her new look is now attracting even more of her dream clientele and her shop is going to add another level of success to her business. All, Jen needs to do is market her gorgeous pillows!

Design Tier: Website & E-commerce Design

City Farmhouse Website & Ecommerce Design Interior Design

“I’ve worked with 3 other website gals rebuilding my website and had such a horrible experience. Kelsey, you are such a breath of fresh air and the fact that you send over video replies in 24 hours is amazing.”

How do you feel after working with Kelsey?
I love all the changes Kelsey made. It feels fresh and current, plus it’s easy to navigate.

Is there anything you are excited about your business now?
Taking the new steps with Shopify on my end.

What was it like working with Kelsey?
Great! Amazing! The communication was a key element and why I would highly recommend her.

What did you walk away with after working with Kelsey?
Better understanding of how everything in the back end works. Those videos are perfect for someone like me, a visual learner.

Jen, City Farmhouse

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I know how daunting it can be thinking about all of the technical hoops and jargon. Trust me, I’ve been where you’ve been and you’re not alone. I can help you. I’ve worked with hundreds of clients, setting up their sites and walking them through the process step by step. Check out our services page and see what package fits your needs! I can’t wait to work together.

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