3 Reasons a Strong Brand Can Help You Book More Interior Design Clients

July 31, 2019

We are back with more brand building discussion!  Today I’d like to talk about a topic that so many of you have been asking for: booking more clients. 

But before we jump into that, I want to make a little disclaimer: while you should definitely focus on your actual business first before you start dreaming of pretty logos and color palettes, once you have your business foundations (your vision, mission, ideal client profile, etc.), it is so important to use them as a guide for crafting a visual identity and strategy that helps you connect with your ideal clients and welcome them in.

Wondering why it’s so important to identify your mission and ideal client? Check out this blog post.

I can’t even begin to tell you how many of our clients have been able to double (and some even triple) their revenue after investing in designing a brand that truly reflects the heart behind their business and speaks directly to their ideal client. 

Here are three reasons why having a strong brand can help you book more clients:



  1. Your brand is a reflection of the quality of your work

Having a high-quality brand shows how much you value excellence in your work. On the contrary, having a poorly designed, cookie cutter brand is not going to set you apart or leave a good impression with potential clients.

For example: let’s say you are interviewing for a professional manager position. You probably have a rough image in your head of what this ideal candidate should dress like, as that can be a good indicator of how much this person values their work and this opportunity. If someone shows up in sweatpants and flip flops, I don’t think you’d even consider them, right? 

Similarly, with branding you want to ensure that how your brand is presented reflects the quality of your work and how much you value each client opportunity. You need to build trust with your clients from the very beginning by showing that you are extremely confident in your identity. In doing so, it is more likely that they will book you. 


  1. Your brand sets you apart 

In the world of social media, it seems that we can no longer tell for certain who is the expert in which field. Everyone claims to be the best and even with “testimonials” you have no practical ways to prove expertise. 

How do you stand out from the crowd when everything can be easily copied and pasted? The magic is in your brand because it is your own. Have you heard of the saying “no one can do what you do like you do”? This may sound quite cheesy, but it’s true. A strong brand tells people who you are as an interior designer and who you serve. Your personality, style, mission, and passion are embedded into your brand. It gives people an opportunity to “shake your hand” and know you


  1. Your brand increases your credibility 

When you look at successful brands such as Apple, Lululemon, and Sephora, their marketing seems very effortless yet efficient. These brands not only offer incredible products and services, but their branding has gained trust from their customers over a long period of time. Brands like this often benefit from returning clients and referrals. 

I am here to tell you that you can do the same. Strong brands stay in people’s minds. If you have a strong brand, people will be able to recognize your work across social media platforms and remember you as the interior designer they want to work with. 

Now, it takes time to build credibility. Here are 3 questions to ask yourself that can help you recognize what is lacking in your business in order to book more projects, charge more, and increase your credibility. 

  1. Am I connecting regularly with my ideal client?
  2. Am I ready to do some hard work to bring my vision to my work and meet my goals?
  3. Am I ready to make an investment in my business growth?


I hope this blog post is helpful! If you’d like to create a brand that connects with your ideal client authentically, I’d love to partner with you. I currently have just 5 openings in my design calendar for 2019. Learn more about my process here or get in touch directly to schedule your complimentary consultation!