How to Add a Pinterest Widget on Your WordPress Blog

February 19, 2018

Need more followers on Pinterest! Try adding your Pinterest Widget to your WordPress blog. The best place is on your blog sidebar. Why? Because it will be seen on each and every post you share (that’s if you have the sidebar active that is!).

Our themes are built on the Genesis Framework. This tutorial will show you how to implement the code in our themes.

Create the Pinterest code

First, you will need to create the widget on Pinterest. You will be using the Pinterest Developer Tools to build it. So click here.

  1. Click the Profile button.
  2. Enter your Pinterest  user URL. You should see your Profile in the Preview window.
  3. Select Square.

Add the Pinterest code to the Sidebar

Next, we need to add the code (#4) to a Text Widget. Go to your website.

  • Click through to Appearance > Widgets.
  • Drag over a Custom HTML widget to your Primary Sidebar.
  • Copy and paste the code in (#4) into the Custom HTML widget.
  • Save it.

You’re not finished yet!

WordPress Blog Launch Checklist

Click Here to Download our

WordPress Launch Checklist

Yes Please!

Add the Pinterest script

The last step is adding the script (#5) before the closing body tag.

  • Browse over to Genesis > Theme Settings.
  • Scroll down to the Header Scripts box.
  • Copy and paste the script code into the box.
  • Save it. If you have already added other scripts to the box, be sure to copy/paste the code on a new line.

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